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Including 4 generations of HIV antigen and antibody joint detection, double antibody sandwich method HCV antibody detection, double antibody sandwich method TP antibody detection, and HBV QN five items detection reagents

Advance technology and stable quality, safety-guard the whole process of medical health

Top-ranked market coverage ratio

Wan200+ Series
Caris200 Series

High value quantitative reagents for hepatitis B core antibody: dynamic observation of disease curative effect and effective insight into development trend

HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV, and HEV detection reagent: provide completed and special hepatitis detection solutions

HEV IgM / IgG detection reagent: recognized international gold standard

National “12th Five Year Plan” 863 “IVD”major project

Multiple national R&D patents, and Chinese patent gold award

Wan200+ Series
Caris200 Series

Joint detection of PCT and IL-6, early warning and specific diagnosis advantages complemented each other, accurately diagnose bacteria infection

Whole process diagnosis and after treatment indicator appraisal for pyohemia patients

Caris200 Series、Wan200+ Series PCT
Caris200 Series、Wan200+ Series IL-6

The first approval double antibody sandwich method Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) antibody detection reagent in the world

National emergent approval product

Have performance certification by multiple national authorizations

High sensitivity,specificity, and celerity of test result; many asymptomatic patients were detected under the condition that nucleic acid was negative, strengthening the epidemic controlling net

Caris200 Series、Wan200+ Series 2019-nCoV Ab

Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay -- tuberculosis infection T cell detection reagent, start a new era of TB diagnosis

Break through the limitation of traditional detection, together with new detection experience, get detection result as quick as 24 hours

The performance is same as FDA certified reagent, ranking top of its market coverage ratio in the industry

Caris200 Series、Wan200+ Series TB-IGRA
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