Xiamen Tax Bureau Director Zhang Shudong Visited Wantai Innodx
Source:Admin Time:2020-06-09

In the morning of June 9, 2020, Zhang Shudong, director of Xiamen Taxation Bureau, visited Xiamen Innodx. The visit group was accompanied by You Wenchang, director of the district leader, and recepted by Gao Yongzhong, General Manager of Xiamen Innovax, and Sun Xudong, General manager of Xiamen Innodx.

Director zhang got to know Xiamen Innodx development and innovation of the product research and development, and diagnostic reagents and accessory instruments production; watched the first generation of cervical cancer vaccine production's real-time monitoring video; then gave a discussion on the prevention and control of epidemic diseases, return to work and production, and policy implementation such as tax and fee reduction. Mr. Gao reported the current revenue and expected revenue of the three enterprises of Xiamen Wantai in the past year. Mr. Zhang and other leaders recognized the enterprises and wished the enterprises a better future after the biomedical innovation and development Conference.

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