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Production assist engineer / technical staff
Number of recruits:Several
Release time:2021-05-06

Position Responsibility:

1. Grasp professional knowledge related to this position, and the common knowledge of equipment cleaning and maintenance

2. Arrange material and site cleaning pre-production preparation as per production order assigned by production manager

3. Prepare solution, split solution, stick label, and pack product as per SOP and recording requirement

4. Clean and maintain workshop site as per relevant SOP requirement

5. Accept tasks arranged and abide the management of superior, and ensure to finish tasks with good quality and completely


Position Requirement:

1. Education: Bio-pharmacy, bio-technology relevant major, junior college above degree

2. Bio-chemical experiment operating experience

3. Strong ly stick to principle, operate strictly as per SOP, and provide practical production process improvement suggestions

4. Hard-working, no bad habit, strong learning ability, and operating ability

5. Computer skill and communication skill

6. Able to bear working pressure, and work overtime as per production tasks

7. Excellent graduate is considered

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