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Quality inspection assistant / engineer
Number of recruits:several
Release time:2021-05-06

Position Responsibility:

1. Responsible for inspection of IVD raw material and ingredients, intermediate product, semi-product, and finished product, provide inspection report as per requirement, and ensure the accuracy and promptness of inspection

2. Responsible for the statistics of inspection data, and control the product quality

3. Evaluate product stability and analyze processing data, and ensure the effective monitoring of product quality

4. Assist the laboratory management, and ensure the laboratory running meets the regulation requirements

5. Other tasks required by superiors


Position Requirement:

1. Education requirement: junior college degree or above, biology or chemistry relevant major

2. 1-3 years of inspection relevant experience, bio-pharmaceutic industry experience is preferred

3. Proficient office software skills and basic computer skills

4. Patient, stick to principles, strong responsibility, honest and dedicated to work

5. Excellent graduate is considered

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