Haicang District Market Supervision And Administration Bureau Officers Visited Wantai Innodx
Source:Admin Time:2020-11-04

In order to strengthen the national publicity of medical device safety, carry forward the theme of reform and innovation, and enhance the new driving force of industrial development, Director Dong Qi of Xiamen Haicang District Market Supervision Administration, together with relevant regulatory personnel and representatives of medical device enterprises visited Wantai Innodx for inspection and guidance on the afternoon of October 21, 2020.

During this visit, Mrs. Luo, the quality director of Wantai Innodx, and Mr. Yan, the manager of the production department, led a group of people to visit the Xiamen Innodx reagent production line, introduced the layout of our production workshop and the strict control of our products from small test, pilot test to mass production, and earnest implementation of the quality policy of "We follow the science, and concern about the health". Then, Manager Huang of Research and Development Application Department gave a special introduction on the company's corporate culture and COVID-19 reagents, fully demonstrating our company's product advantages, product application and enterprise contribution under the promotion of new policies and measures.Finally, Director Dong actively communicated and discussed with the quality director of our company about equipment epidemic prevention and other issues.

Through this study tour, Haicang district market supervision administration, medical institutions, medical equipment enterprises, representative all felt very honored to have the opportunity to learn about wantai deeply. They also mentioned in recent years the country issued a series of new medical reform policies, instruments  examination and approval process optimization, resulting to the vigorous development of the medical equipment industry. For production enterprises, once they need support in production, research and development, sales and other processes, they can actively seek support from the local government. Market departments of Haicang District will also actively assist the enterprises, so as to hope that with the assistance of the government, Wantai Innodx can continue to give full play to its own advantages, strengthen technological innovation, and continue to grow bigger and stronger.


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