Huang Guobin, Deputy Secretary Of Municipality Cppcc Leading Party Group, Visited To Check Hpv Vaccine And Novel Coronavirus Reagent Development Situation
Source:Admin Time:2020-04-02

April 02, 2020, for the implementation of "combine and balance" of the municipal party committee's deployment requirements, Huang Guobin, deputy secretary and vice President of CPPCC leading party group, and members of the first functional party branch committee visit us to investigate the COVID - 19 diagnostic kit production and HPV vaccine development situation. General Manager Gao Yongzhong and Executive deputy general manager li Shicheng were presented.

Gao introduced the development history of the company and its representative products, and showed the relevant industry lines through real-time monitoring. Since the outbreak of epidemic, relying on the National Institute of Diagnostics and Vaccine Development in Infectious Diseases (NIDVD) co-founded by Yangshengtang and Xiamen University, Xiamen Innodx plays the advantage of innovative vaccines and in vitro diagnostic in the respects of diagnostic reagents, instruments, and vaccines, actively joins the team of fighting against new corona virus.

Doctor Song: on 6th March, first Double Antigen Sandwich Method “Novel corona virus total antibody diagnostic reagent” in global was approved and came into the market. It has been applied in Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Beijing Hospital, Sichuan West China Hospital and other medical entities in China. The fully automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay analyzer developed by Xiamen Umic can produce results within maximum 29min, giving full play to the advantages of fast and efficient, and has been included in the list of “Key medical equipment scientific and technological achievements transformation and promotion” by national Ministry of Science and Technology.

All visiting members suggested us to further improve the precision during the research and development of Covid-19 diagnostic kit, to screen the non symptom infectious patients who were cared mostly at right now, and do its best to reduce the infectious risk due to missing of detection. Finally, we hope that the company will continue to take the National Engineering Center as the technical support, give full play to the leading position of Haicang Biological Park in the national biopharmaceutical industry, and develop more detection methods and related vaccines.

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