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Chemiluminescence immunoassay diagnostic reagent research engineer
Number of recruits:2
Release time:2021-05-06

Position Responsibility:

1. As per requirement and arrangement by the superior, initiate immunoassay reagent research independently

2. Conduct laboratory analysis independently, laboratory report, and R&D documentation

3. Design clinical proposal, clinical report, and participate product clinical test and product registration

4. Communicate with production and quality department, and promote product industrialization


Position Requirement:

1. Education requirement: graduate degree or above, postgraduate degree is preferred

2. Major requirement: biology, medicine, or testing relevant major

3. Working experience: five years of immunoassay reagent research after graduate, or three years of immunoassay reagent research after post-graduate, independent project development experience is preferred

4. Others: familiar with IVD relevant regulations, has communication and coordination ability, and sense of responsibility 

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